Operational Cost Savings

Airlines will achieve a cost reduction in maintenance labor of 20 percent and inventory by 10 percent by effective IT management. Aircraft maintenance personnel spend 65 percent of their time researching and completing paper work. They can reduce time and ensure compliance with server hosted Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). Electronic Forms linked to AMM and IPC reduce errors and also provide a real time link to airline Maintenance Operations Center(MOC). Digital image storage of all the maintenance activities provides a complete aircraft history.

Computer Based Training (CBT) videos hosted on our 1NetTM servers provide real time availability to aircraft personnel and have a visual means for operation and maintenance activities. Maintenance personnel can have access to all aircraft, engine and component performance data that has been analyzed with local processing.

Inflight Connectivity

Stay connected onboard to business partners, family and friends around the world through our Iridium satellite connectivity. You can surf the Internet and communicate via e-mail and chat with our Wireless Access Point (WAP). Bring your own laptop/tablet on-board and take care of your business just as you are used to, at high altitudes too.

Our WAP module can connect mobile users in and around aircraft. It can provide PCI compliant real time credit card processing, real-time monitoring, and trend analytics.

Aircraft Health Monitoring (AHM)

Aircraft Health Monitoring enables collection and monitoring of selected airplane data to determine the airplane's current and future serviceability. Receiving and analyzing data from aircraft systems is key to driving unscheduled maintenance to scheduled maintenance. It also helps to improve operational performance and reduces delays and cancellations.