Custom Data Solutions

We use our knowledge and experience to create innovative and flexible data solutions that fit best for your needs. Airlines will achieve an increase in passenger satisfaction and revenues by creating an effective IT solution for passenger cabins.

Cabin Entertainment and Marketplace (CEM)

Thompson Aerospace can transform your aircraft cabin and it's management by recognizing the “captive” passenger as a consumer, we provide a pathway to monetize the “captive” eyes block to block and transform the cabin into a marketplace. Over 7 billion passengers spend over 14 billion hours sitting in the aircraft seats each year. 1Net v2TM is the only solution that is able to provide CEM functions at revenues that are at an order of magnitude greater than costs.

Passengers can view the 3D interactive map which can be hosted on their personal devices. Passengers can also download content during their inflight experience, and can continue their experience through the cloud even after they exit the aircraft.

Passenger Power Solutions

1Net v2 TM Power Solution provides a stand alone 150 Watt, 115 Volt 60 Hz charging system and a 10.6 Watt 5v DC charging system. Like all 1Net products, these solutions are specifically made for the retrofit market and provide a superior economic solution. Inseat Frequency converter (IFC) provides upto 250 Watts of power to three outlets. Single outlet can use upto 150 Watts of power.

The 115 volt passenger plug provides exceptional reliability and safety for airborne plug. The unit has an internal IR detector for plug detection, power shutters and internal fuse. USB power jack offers a simple retrofit for airlines to address this need for smartphone and tablet devices, as it will accept between 12 and 42v DC from the aircraft.