Secure Aircraft Tracking Module (SATM)

The Secure Aircraft Tracking Module (SATM) is a single low cost and low weight unit designed to meet the aircraft requirements provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It provides aircraft tracking in 3 modes

  • Normal Mode: 15 minute position reporting. Always reporting.
  • Abnormal Mode: Position reported every minute. Triggered by data parameters.
  • Distress Mode: Position reported every 30 seconds.Triggered by pilot or on ground.

The SATM provides true real-time global aircraft position, altitude, pitch, row, yaw, speed, heading and vertical velocity over a secure data link to any Airlines Operation Center (AOC). The system has a geo-fenced internal set of parameters that will put the system in abnormal mode, autonomously providing real time aircraft information. The aircraft crew or ground center (via the bi-directional Iridium link) can place the system into distress mode to allow real time monitoring, and the airline can set other alert triggers such as unusual attitude, airspeed out of range, altitude, input discretes, etc.

Basic Features:

  • Secure Iridium Module
  • Battery Pack for 14 hours of operation
  • 28 volt operation
  • 8 input discrete key-lines
  • RTCA security compliant
  • ASIC design for high reliability and security
  • ARINC 717 Flight Data Recorder
  • Real-time QAR for any FDR parameter
  • Secure Bluetooth LE 4.0
  • Fully ICAO Compliant
  • Simple low cost kit GATS Solution
  • 24 hour Airport Mode to detect a door open or aircraft movement
  • Airline Fleet Monitoring
  • 1NetTM Cloud Data Management
  • 1NetTM Secure Cloud Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Tracking Support

The SATM has an optional Bluetooth LE 4.0 radio to allow a secure Bluetooth connection for system status while on the ground as well as maintenance communications.It also has a connection to the Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU) thru an ARINC 717 link. All Flight Data Recorder (FDR) parameters are available for exceedance or trend analysis in real-time and all the information is available for download after the flight using a high speed 100 BaseTx connection.The unit has an option for up to (4) 429 Rx and (1) 429Tx to support aircraft that do not have DFDAU or ARINC 717 connections.

SATM is the first product creating a connected aircraft as node on a secure cloud, generating opportunities to offer additional secure data solutions to airlines.