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Thompson Aerospace and Wipro Ltd. to deliver End-to-End (E2E) Solutions For the Connected Aircraft

Thompson Aerospace and Wipro Ltd are pleased to announce that they will work together to develop and deliver End-to-End (E2E) solutions for the Connected Aircraft. This effort will leverage the strengths of both companies. WIPRO is a global information technology, consulting and business process services company. Leading in harnessing the power of IoT, cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

The combined capabilities of Thompson Aerospace and Wipro will rapidly emerge as a market leader in E2E secure airborne data collection, storage, deep analytics using Robotic Process Automation and Wipro HolmesTM cognitive AI platform. The information will be available for transmission in a secure environment to allow Airlines, OEMs and Aircraft System providers unrivaled insights into the Connected Aircraft while airborne or upon landing.

This captured data, transformed into actionable information, will provide enhanced airborne services for the crew (Connected Cockpit and Cabin) and passengers (Connected Seat) as well as utilization, tracking, and condition monitoring enabling fleet planning and enhanced maintenance operations.

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Thompson Aerospace Meets EASA Tracking Rules While Reducing Airlines Cost

Thompson Aerospace (TA) of Irvine, CA is offering its secure aircraft tracking/data solution as the most economical and fully compliant means to meet the new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rules released on December 16, 2015. This solution is available to all aircraft types, with the first STC's expected in March 2016 on B767-200, B767-300 and MD10 aircraft.

Mark Thompson noted, the new EASA regulations provides airlines options to meet the requirements: either a new real-time, robust data system or to equip the aircraft with an upgraded traditional Underwater Locating Device (ULD). While the second solution meets the requirements for this EASA rule, it does not address the core issue of what the aircraft condition is at all times. Thompson Aerospace's view is that an advanced, secure, robust data solution providing enhanced tracking with real-time situation awareness of all systems provides more value. TA created the Secure Global Aircraft Tracking Unit to provide the economic benefits achieved by real-time information and to meet the pending rules. The solution does not rely on any aircraft system to provide location, speed, altitude, attitude (pitch, yaw, and roll), vertical velocity, and cabin pressure.

This truly remarkable product uses less than 2 watts under normal operation, and can be augmented with TrueBluePower battery technology, that will allow up to 14 hours of operation in flight in the event of total power loss.

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Thompson Aerospace and Imagik announce Joint Venture of Allure Inflight Entertainment System

Allure Monitor

Thompson Aerospace of Irvine, CA and Imagik of Miami, Fl announced the joint venture and launch of the Allure Inflight Infotainment System, with 1Net Private Cloud Technology. The Allure is the lightest weight and lowest cost complete Inflight System offering the full complex for entertainment and infotainment.

The Allure features a 10.1 inch HD touch screen, row-centric architecture, together with the lightest weight and lowest cost for a full complex for flight entertainment. The QUATRO in-seat USB outlets support personal device charging, and can be installed with the IFE system or as an independent charging system, providing airlines with the unique capability to enhance the passenger experience. As the leading company in commercial aircraft IT security and data management solutions, Thompson Aerospace has developed a unique method of content management providing airlines the ability to update content from the cloud anytime the aircraft is connected to GSM/LTE.

This allows for providing passengers upto-date and relevant information on their destination or world events. In a similar environment as browsing, the passengers will be able to click on different features such as the points of interest on the interactive 3D map, gaining a more in-depth view of available attractions or local information.

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Thompson Aerospace Offers Real Time Flight Tracking and Performance


With the recent launch of the 1Netv2, Thompson Aerospace has incorporated flight tracking and real-time performance data alerting and streaming. The 1Netv2, which continuously connects the aircraft to the cloud, collects all Category C and higher data and utilizes their patented hardware security to create the first secure Airborne Local Area Network.

We are pleased to announce that we currently offer aircraft position tracking and performance alerting capability as part of their 1Net Airborne Local Area Network (ALAN). Thompson Aerospace is the leader in IT data management solutions for commercial aircraft.

Thompson Aerospace has taken this approach to data management for commercial airplanes and has created a paradigm shift in moving data between the aircraft and secure cloud environment. The 1Netv2 not only collects all data from the aircraft systems, it has embedded GPS, accelerometer, and other sensors to provide an independent data source.The 1Net ALAN has been in operation for 3 years and has successfully moved 100s of million data records between the aircraft and cloud. The 1Netv2 provides the highest level of data security in the industry and meets FIPS 140-2 and DO-326 requirements.

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Easy Data Management for Connected Aircraft Coming from Thompson Aerospace and B/E Partnership


Thompson Aerospace and the Macrolink division of B/E Aerospace have partnered to launch the second-generation data management platform, 1Netv2. The 1Netv2 builds on its predecessor the 1Net and was developed to meet the security requirements of DO-326 and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) publication 140-2 level 3.

The system offers a retrofit solution for commercial aircraft through the addition of a CSUv2 and is being offered to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as a white label Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU), or component to be added to new OEM LRUs. The technology securely links and moves aircraft data between aircraft systems and cloud-based networks on commercial aircraft. We are confident that an IT connected aircraft will be 20 percent less expensive to maintain than the existing aircraft,” said Mark Thompson, president and CEO of Thompson Aerospace.

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Patent on how to use an local area network (ALAN) to mix different types of data on a Ethernet network

We are pleased to announce the issuance of our patent for how to use an local area network (ALAN) to mix different types of data on a Ethernet network.
United States Patent Application No. 12/553,087

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Retrofit of Bahrain Air A319


At the facilities in Manchester, England the launch aircraft of the 1NetTM system was retrofitted in coordination with Tenencia. This Airbus A319 aircraft from the Bahrain Air fleet was brought in for a 10-day retrofit of the 1NetTM system including passenger infotainment portals for all seats and two cabin crew portals for controlling the 1NetTM system. The modification was a success thanks to the combined effort with our installation partners and the 1NetTM system received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Thompson Aerospace announces launch with customer Bahrain Air


Bahrain Air Launches the 1NetTM Cabin Infotainment System from Thompson Aerospace.

The 1Net Cabin Infotainment System is part of the patent pending 1NetTM Airborne Local Area Network (LAN) providing power and data connections to various cabin functions. Thompson Aerospace seat-centric approach to Infotainment delivers a lower weight solution than the traditional In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) offerings while allowing expansion abilities not currently supported by any other cabin equipment provider.

The key innovation of 1NetTM is the Power over Ethernet (POE) backbone, forming an Airborne Local Area Network and power distribution all in one. This unique application of this proven technology allows a significant reduction in the number of components resulting in a substantial reduction in weight compared to the conventional systems. With the absence of under seat mounted components, passengers enjoy greater legroom and comfort. Reduction in both weight and complexity greatly reduces the long term cost of ownership for the airlines. With its modular approach, the Airborne LAN provides easy expansion for additional functionality through its many POE ports located throughout the cabin.

Onboard the newly retrofitted Airbus A319 aircraft, Bahrain Air passengers will enjoy in-seat entertainment including on demand movies and music, browsing onboard and off aircraft catalogue offerings for purchase, viewing destination information and attractions, reading daily newspapers and making hotel and restaurant reservations. The airline will generate valuable ancillary revenue through on-screen advertising and from "per click revenue" sources.

Mark Thompson, CEO of Thompson Aerospace, believes that it is essential for cabin systems to bring value to both the customer and the airline. To achieve this, Thompson Aerospace has employed new technologies to reduce acquisition and operating cost of the 1NetTM cabin system for airlines while providing additional value to their passengers. Airlines are continually seeking ancillary revenue sources. For the first time the "per click revenue" feature incorporated in the 1NetTM system enables airlines to gain access to a revenue stream previously enjoyed only by ground based Internet companies. Bahrain Air has partnered with Thompson Aerospace to become the launch customer for the 1NetTM Infotainment system and lead the industry into a new era of passenger service and information delivery.